International relations service

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International relations service



Colegio de San Ildefonso - Rectorado - Plaza de San Diego s/n - 28801 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)

Telephone:918854149 - 918854096  Fax:918854130



Head of Service

José Alfonso Lafuente García


To manage International Relations, promoting the mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff and the University of Alcalá's Cooperation programmes.


  • Management of the ERASMUS, ERASMUS-PRACTICAS, ERASMUS MUNDUS Windows extension and Intensive Programmes.

  • Management of the AECID, F. CAROLINA and ALBAN Grant Programmes, Bilateral Agreements, visiting students.

  • Management of Assistantships in Japan, Croatia, China and Russia.

  • International grants: Cervantes, Bancaja, language and culture grants, travel expenses, etc.

  • UAH cooperation programmes with: Cuba, Dominican Republic, etc.

  • AECID-PCI, CAP; UE-ALFA, CAM cooperation programmes, etc.

  • Partnership programmes with China, Russia and the Philippines.


  • Provides information and advice to members of the University of Alcalá on management and processing of grants and study placements, teaching, training and work placements at foreign universities or foreign companies within International Programmes, UAH programmes and bilateral agreements in which the University is involved.

  • Welcomes foreign students and teachers on exchange or cooperation programmes, and welcomes international visits.

  • Promotes and disseminates partnership cooperation programmes.

  • Administrative and economic management of mobility and cooperation: supporting reports, travel, assignments, etc.